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Well everyone, it’s been fun! I have enjoyed blogging with each and every one of you! This class has definitely made me think more out of the box and learned a lot of cool statistics! I am glad that I enrolled in this course! I hope everyone has a great rest of the summer and good school year:)


Conclusion Reflection

I have definitely had fun researching about how women are treated around the world.  This made me think about how American women have so many more rights than most women in other countries.  It stuns me that women in Saudi Arabia still aren’t able to drive.  I think anyone should be able to drive, not just men.  I do think King Abdullah is doing some good for the country by allowing them to vote and run in the next municipal elections.  I was absolutely appalled when reading about China’s One-Child Policy.  I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to have to pay a fee to have more than one child.  That is insane!  The picture of the 7 month pregnant women with her unborn aborted baby lying beside her on the bed kind of made me a little nauseous.  What kind of people could do that?  I was glad to hear that the Chinese Authorities are going to punish the officials for aborting that women’s baby.   After researching Afghanistan, I couldn’t imagine worrying about getting poisoned or my school getting burned down if I went.  Everyone needs a good education and I think it’s terrible how some countries don’t allow girls to go to school.  It amazes me in Sudan how 90% of the women that live up North have had female circumcision.  I couldn’t imagine how bad the pain would be for someone to be cutting up my privates! Ouch!  I am glad I chose this topic because I have learned  a lot about women’s right around  the world and it has also made me realize how much I need to appreciate my rights I have here  in America.


Ten Worst Countries for Women

1. Afghanistan

2. Democratic Republic of Congo

3. Iraq

4. Nepal

5. Sudan

6. Guatemala

7. Mali

8. Pakistan

9. Saudi Arabia

10. Somali


Weaving a Web of Protection for Women and Girls in Darfur, Sudan (by uusc4all)



Sudan Facts

-90% of women in the north have had female circumcision (Female Genital Cutting) and nearly half of the women in the south have been apart of gender-related violence.

-Most girls are part of arranged marriages.

-Women are allowed to vote and can even be elected into Parliament.

-Women can be arrested for wearing trousers or knee length skirts.  They are at risk every day for the way they dress in public.  The police officers are the ones that decide if their clothes are modest enough.  It is said that this kind of behavior could result in up to 40 or 50 lashes.  Most Sudanese women keep quiet if they are arrested, due to fear of what could happen to them if they told of it.

-Abduction and rape have destroyed more than 1 million women’s lives since 2003.



Young Afghan woman who was sentenced by Taliban Commander to have her nose and ears cut off for fleeing her abusive in-laws. How sad:(

Young Afghan woman who was sentenced by Taliban Commander to have her nose and ears cut off for fleeing her abusive in-laws. How sad:(



Afghanistan Facts

-Over 1400 years ago women in this country were treated equally to men.  Present day, these rights have been abolished for them.

-Women were treated worse during the rule of the Taliban(1996-2001) than any other time in their society.  They weren’t allowed to work, receive medical attention from a male physician, leave their house without a male chaperone, and were even forced to wear burqas covering their body from head to toe.  Even their eyes had to be covered.

-Women who were once physicians or teachers had to become prostitutes in order to feed their family at home.

-Since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, women’s rights have significantly improved.

-Women now are allowed back to work, able to be appointed for government, and also don’t have to wear the all-covering burqas anymore.

-Some women in rural areas still aren’t allowed out in public and are also denied schooling.

- Many of the schools for girls have been burned to the ground.  Some small girls have even been poisoned to death for thinking about going to school.

-Women are usually sold into marriage.

-The average lifespan for an afghan woman is 45 years of age.

-87% of women admit to experiencing domestic violence.

-This is the only country in the world to have a female suicide rate higher than males.

- Every half hour an afghan woman dies from childbirth.

-70-80% of women have arranged marriages

-Only 1% of girls in rural areas attend school.

-Nearly 79% of women are illiterate.



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